Alarm System With Raspberry PI, Arduino and RF1276D27 LoRa radio

Release time:2018.05.26

This is an alarm system based on a Rapberry Pi acting as alarm center and one or more Arduinos as remote stations. Remote stations communicate with the alarm center through RF1276D27 module.The lora radio achieves over 7km in the urban area.

Arduino Project: Test Range LoRa module for GPS tracking solution

Release time:2016.07.03

This is an Arduino project based on GPS module and LoRa RF1276 radio module.It is simple GPS tracking solution adopted lora for the data logger.In the test, the lora radio RF1276 achieves over 11km in the coast area.

Going beyond the horizon with LoRa module RF1276

Release time:2016.07.03

This is an HAB(high attitude Ballon) appplication based on a Arduino Pro and GPS module. It adopts LoRa radio module RF1276 as the wireless telemetry.It achieves 4.6km altitude and distance of 56km in the application at the first flight.