Medium power LoRa radio module: RF1276D27

RF1276D27 is medium power, high performance transparent two-way semi-duplex LoRa modulation transceiver with operation at 433/470 Mhz. It integrates with high speed MCU from ST and high performance RF IC SX1276. The LoRa modulation make the RF solution transmit signal under noise and the reception sensitivity is up to -148dBm.

    RF1276D27 is available as "Ready-to-use", focuses on ease of integration even for non RF specialists, thus limit technological risks, while reducing the development time and cost.

    12000 meters of communication distance(600bps, urban area), 18km in the wild.
    Output power: Max 500mW (27dBm) (7 levels adjustable)
    Air data rate: 300 - 19200bps, can be configured through RF tool
    UART data rate: 1200 - 57600bps, can be configured through RF tool
    Frequency: 410MHz - 460MHz , 470 - 510MHz,868MHz or 915MHz
    Working Current: 450mA(TX), 24.2mA(RX), 220uA(Sleeping)
    wireless RS232 / RS485 cable replacement
    More than 32 channels
    parity of series COM: 8E1/8N1/8O1
    LoRa modulation
    Receive sensitivity: -148dBm(@300bps)
    UART/TTL, RS232, RS485
    Exceed 256 bytes data buffer
    Supply Voltage: 4.5 – 15.5V (the ripple less than ±100mV )
    Simply tool for configuration
    125KHz Channel spacing(62.5KHz, 250KHz, 500KHz optional)
    Dimension: 59.5mm x 39.6mm x 7.0mm

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