GW711 is a high-performance, low-power, long-distance micro-power star wireless network gateway module. It adopts internal automatic spread spectrum calculation and preamble CRC error correction processing which provide a transparent link. This gateway can not only realizes the direct communication with the cloud server, but also realizes the direct communication with the LoRa no de.


    • Based on LoRa spread spectrum modulation
    • Public GPRS/LTE network transmission
    • 420-450MHz free application band, other frequency bands can be customized
    • Standard power transmission, standard 2w, 7 levels adjustable.
    • Receive sensitivity up to -148dBm, maximum transmit power +33dBm
    • High performance industrial grade 32-bit communication processor
    • Adopt a complete anti-drop mechanism to ensure that the data terminal is always online
    • Built-in 15KV ESD protection for SIM/UIM card interface
    • Industrial terminal interface, especially suitable for industrial field applications
    • Production free debugging, 5V-24V wide voltage range
    • Support serial software upgrade and remote maintenance
    • Embedded standard TCP/IP protocol stack for transparent data transmission
    • High efficiency forward error correction coding technology and frequency hopping mechanism, strong anti-interference ability and low bit error rate
    • Flexible setting of module parameters via software or microcontroller commands
    • Built-in watchdog to ensure long-term reliable and stable operation
    • Open and effective communication distance of 6-8 km

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