Wireless temperature sensor YL-104

YL-104 adopts high-performance low-power single-chip ASR6601, taking into account DS18B20 sensor data acquisition and wireless data transmission.

    RF line-in-sight range: 2000meters (@300bps)

    Frequency: 425-450MHz or 868-870MHz or 902-928MHz

    2 Temperature sensors DS18B20 built-in with 1m cable

    Output Power: 100mW (adjustable)

    Battery Capacity: 2300mAh.

    LoRa modulation

    Periodical report, the minimum can be set for 1 minute, the longest is 60 minutes

    Interface: UART

    Power supply: 2.1—3.6V

    Alarm threshold setting

    Operating temperature: -40—60

    Size: 104.5*69.5*11.3 mm

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