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Wireless RF module

LoRaWAN module RF1276TS

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RF1276TS is highly integrated half-duplex micro-powered wireless module, which is embedded 32 bit high speed low-powered MCU and high performance Semtech RF chip. It has adopted innovative efficient cyclic interleaving error correction coding, which can improve the coding gain up to 3dBm with the ability of correcting the continuous 24bits burst error. Hence the capability of error correction and coding efficiency achieve industry-leading levels. The capability of the noise immunity has greatly improved. RF1276TS can support LoRaWAN protocol with Class A and Class C type. 


 Supply voltage: 2.5V-3.6V

 Physical Layer: 433, 470, EU868 and 915MHz

 Output power: 19±1dBm(max)

 Reception sensitivity: -137±1dBm(@SF=12,292bps);

 Communication range: 3km to 5km

 Support LoRaWAN Specification V1.01, EU868.

 Integrated LoRaWAN stack. Support Class A and Class C.

 Receiving currecy: <15mA

 Standby power consumption: ≤2uA

 USART port, 2.54mm pitch socket.