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Radio data modem


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RF1212B is a highly integrated ultra-low-power half-duplex micro-power wireless data transmission module, embedded in a high-speed single-chip and high-performance RF chip the SX1212. The efficient circulation innovative interleaved error correction coding, anti-interference and sensitivity are greatly improved RF1212B module provides a choice of multiple channels can be modified online serial rate, transmit power, RF rate and other parameters.

RF1212B can work in the voltage range of 2.1-3.6V and consumes only 3.2mA in receive state has four operating modes. , Receiving only consumes less than 20uA, a 3.6V/3.6A lithium batteries work for more than 10 years in power saving mode (Polling mode) 1SEC cycle polling wake.
RF line-in-sight range: 700meters (@4800bps)
Frequency: 430-437MHz or 835-872MHz or 912-918MHz
Channel spacing: 200 KHz
Output Power: 10mW (adjustable)
Good reception sensitivity: -113dBm@1000bps
High efficient cyclic shift interleaving and FEC
FSK modulation
Supporting wake on radio, adjustable wake period
Parameters setting by APPCON proprietary software
256Bytes data buffer
Interface: TTL/UART
Power supply: 2.1—3.6V
Power Consumption: 2.8mA (RX), 35mA (TX), 1.5µA (Idle)
Support Polling mode
Easy control working status through software(SETA and SETB levels)
Operating temperature: -20℃—70℃
Size: 21.5*14.2*2.5mm