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Telemetry radio modem: RF500

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The RF500 is a high performance radio modem supporting over the air data rates up to 57,600 bits per second. Its advanced data processing architecture allows high data throughput even on narrow 12.5 kHz channels.
The RF500 incorporates a wide range of high performance radio modules which meet the stringent demands of both domestic and international regulatory agencies. Advanced features including address selective store-and-forward data repeating, multilevel packet management, remote system adjustment.
Key feature:
  • High speed channel rates in excess of 57,600 bits per second
  • Selectable operating modes for transparent and packet data operation
  • Store-and-forward data repeating for wide area coverage(4Km@9600bps)
  • Configurable RF output power levels(Max 500mW)
  • 5V-15V DC power supply
  • Watertight case option for field work and marine installations
  • RS485 port or RS232 port. 
  • Low power consumption with power saving modes
  • Multi-mode LED front panel display for diagnostics, including RSSI meter 
  • Protocol DNP-3, Modbus and IEC 870 compatibility.


The RF500 is suited for applications in Utilities, Mining, Agriculture and Transport industries where reliable small area data transfer is critical.  The data radio can be used in small scale telemetry systems, with almost any PLC, RTU, HMI or DCS vendor for monitoring and control of critical assets.  The RF500 transparently moves data from end-to-end at speeds of up to 57,600 kbps. The low cost radio can also perform as a store and forward repeater to extend the range and can also be used with other RF Innovations radio mdems and I/O modules.