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Radio data modem

Arduino compatible XBee alternative RF4432

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The RF4432 multi-channel transceiver represent a simple and inexpensive additional solution to the problem of wireless data transmission. The integrated microprocessor is accepting data entering from a TTL logic or RS-232 line, creating packets, avoiding user to write sofware routines for the transmission management. The RF4432 transceiver modules are transparent (virtual wire) devices and therefore do not require any special drivers and no special data formatting is required.

RF line-in-sight range: 1800meters (@1200bps)

Frequency: 410-440MHz or 470-510MHz or 850-890 MHz or 900-950MHz

Channel spacing: 200 KHz

Transparent -virtual wire- operation

Output Power: 100mW (adjustable)

Good reception sensitivity: -121dBm@1200bps

High efficient cyclic shift interleaving and FEC

GFSK modulation

Parameters setting by RF tool

256Bytes data buffer

Interface: TTL/UART

Easy control working status through software

Power supply: 4.5V--5.5V (2.1V -- 3.7V optional)

Power Consumption: 28mA (RX), 100mA (TX), 3µA(Idle)

XBEE alternative

Operating temperature: -30—85

Size: 37.5*18.3*7.0mm