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RF Link with RF4432 between two PIC16F877's

I am attempting to communicate through a RF link between two PIC16F877´s using RF4432 Radio Transients. When the PIC UART´s are connected with wires between TX and RX they communicate just fine, but will not communicate with RF4432 module. I have the RF4432 modules connected as in this diagram from the user manual.

GND and VCC connected, EN Disconnected, TX and RX connected.

The RF4432 modules settings are being written and read correctly using RF-Magic. The baud rate for PIC UART and RF4432 are set for 9600. Air rate 9600, No Parity, Same Net ID and Different Node ID´s, 434MHZ.

 I removed all connections apart from GND, VCC, TX and RX. I set one PIC to only transmit and one to recieve. The two APC220´s communicate just fine between two PIC UART ports with just these 4 connections. Serial communication in both directions will be a matter of programming it accordingly in MPLAB. 

Well, to configure the modules you have to do is this.


1, Configure the RF tool to have the same parameter, and of course the same frequency.

To be able to program just you put each module in the adapter and it will not recognize the PC with software modules. I use the "pololu-windows-cp2102" to create the virtual COM port and RF tool to program them.


2, For transmitter module that connect via USB to your PC and use it as my adapter usb transmitter has seven cables, just the same as pin has the module, then I bridged Vcc, Enable and Set.


3, For I receiver module simply connected Vcc, Gnd.


An easy test you can do is with modules programmed and connected as I say, bypass the receiver Rx and Tx, then everything you send by SSCOM serial tool comes back through the wireless bridge between the modules.


Beware that the default SSCOM serial tool can not see the characters you type, then you would see only the echo.


Configure SSCOM serial tool to see what you write, so everything you write has to appear twice, what you write and what you get..